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We are your reliable Tucson’s sewer inspectors, serving Tucson, Marana, Vail, Green Valley, Benson and Sierra Vista & the surrounding areas. Get a sewer inspection to avoid expensive issues and repairs before they happen. Know what the exact issues is before work starts.

During your sewer camera inspection, we will insert a small high-resolution video camera in your home’s sewer line to inspect the conditions of the pipes. Our inspectors will create a report and email it to you within a few hours. A video can be provided upon request.

Certified Tucson Sewer Inspections includes:

  • Visual video survey of the main side drain line (lateral) via access from a standard clean-out
  • Report of the findings with data interpretations
  • A physical marking placed on the site of an encountered defect
  • Hyperlink to view your sewer line video inspection
Tucson Sewer Inspections

Tucson Plumbing’s Sewer Camera Inspections in Tucson Arizona

We can pinpoint the exact problem and location, to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and estimate. This also helps avoid unnecessary destruction to the property.

A sewer inspection will show the condition of the main sewer line with a lighted video camera. The camera will allow us to see if any major issues exist like cracks, offsets in joints, pipe deflection, and sags or bellies in the sewer pipe.

Real Estate Agents

We help close deals! Having worked with real estate agents, we understand the demands you face with the tight timeframes and negotiations. Let us help you and your clients buy with confidence that only piece of mind that only a high quality and high tech video sewer inspection can bring that there are no hidden costly sewer issues.

We regularly work with real estate agents and home inspectors to schedule the sewer inspection at the same time as your building inspection. Ask your real estate agent or home inspector for a sewer camera inspection.

  1. Our inspections will identify any damage, obstructions, or issues present in the main sewer line.
  2. Our high tech video cameras have a special transmitter that allows the inspector to locate the depth and direction of the sewer line. Knowing exactly where the damaged sections are can help you avoid unnecessary digging which will save time and money.
  3. Unbiased opinion – You can rest easy knowing, that like you, we are looking to protect your client’s investment.
  4. Quick scheduling – We know time is money, so we will get you scheduled as soon as possible to help avoid any delays.
  5. Timely inspection results – We will email your inspection report the same day to both you and your client making it easy to share with whomever you like.

Ask about our Sewer Leak Test and our Sewer Leak Inspection.

A sewer inspection is a very important influence in your decision to purchase a home and can easily be scheduled. Sewer pipes construction in Tucson have a higher risk of breaking, cracking, sagging “belly’s”, separating joints & connection and root intrusions.

We perform pre-listing video camera inspections. Agents like to be proactive and advise their sellers to have the main sewer line inspected before a buyer makes an offer to purchase their property so they are informed up front as to the condition of the line.

Buy With Confidence – Repairing a sewer line can cost thousands of dollars and is the last expense you want to incur after buying your new home. Having a sewer inspection before you buy can help inform you before your final decision to purchase.

Before purchasing a house, a sewer inspection may expose defects not known by the sellers that could lead to a costly repair. By inspecting the main sewer line before you buy the home, you can consider the cost of the repair and possibly negotiate with the seller, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Since we do not make repairs to the sewer line, you will get an honest opinion on the condition of your sewer line without being sold an expensive repair that may not be necessary.

Home Inspectors

A sewer inspection is specifically tailored to add value to any home inspection. Our state of the art equipment and reporting process is second to none in the industry, but our ability to communicate with the client is what really sets us apart.

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Tucson Plumbing Inspector’s can accurately pin point various utilities so you have piece of mind that you can dig safely.

Sewer lines, drain pipes, pool pipes, pool drains, conduits, or other facilities comprised of plastic, clay, or tile are not locatable via electromagnetic methods and therefore not typically identified and marked in the field prior to construction activities. This is especially true for sewer laterals which in most cases are considered “customer owned” past the property line and therefore not located as part of the state One Call process.

Our inspectors will utilize various pieces of equipment and our vast experience to accurately locate these facilities so that digging or construction can proceed safely, or to allow for engineering / mapping activities. Tucson Sewer Inspcetors can save you countless hours and expense.

Our unbiased Sewer Video Inspections do NOT include the following:

  • Quoting repair costs
  • Construction, alteration or repairs of any kind to your current drain line
  • The removal of plumbing fixtures or components
  • Investigating permits

Tucson Plumbing is dedicated to the best customer service and best-in-class technology at affordable prices.

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